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以信心打出一片江山Possess the Land by Faith
《士师记 Judges 1》27 Dec 2022

神的约就是人的保障God's Covenant is Man's Guaranty
《士师记 Judges 2》28 Dec 2022

当呼求耶和华的时候When Cry Out to the LORD
《士师记 Judges 3》29 Dec 2022

愿意为神献上自己Willing to Offer Up Myself to God
《士师记 Judges 4》30 Dec 2022

兴起为神,光辉烈烈Arise for God and Rise Like Sun Mightily
《士师记 Judges 5》03 Jan 2023

危机、转机、时机Crisis, Turnarounds, Opportunities
《士师记 Judges 6》04 Jan 2023

勇敢跟随,争战得胜Bravely Follow, Win the Battle
《士师记 Judges 7》05 Jan 2023

依靠神就有好日子Bravely Follow, Win the Battle
《士师记 Judges 8》06 Jan 2023

别让咒诅找上门Do Not Let The Curse Come to You
《士师记 Judges 9》10 Jan 2023

全民呼求、人兴起、神拯救Do Not Let The Curse Come to You
《士师记 Judges 10》11 Jan 2023

甘心献上自己成为活祭Offer Yourself Willingly As A Living Sacrifice
《士师记 Judges 11》12 Jan 2023

是否在乎神的心意呢?Mindful of God's Will?
《士师记 Judges 12》13 Jan 2023

神要带领这世代上升God Will Lead This Generation Ascending
《士师记 Judges 13》18 Jan 2023

圣灵帮助我们分别为圣Holy Spirit Helps Us to be Sanctified
《士师记 Judges 14》18 Jan 2023

有神就会有拯救The is Salvation in God
《士师记 Judges 15》19 Jan 2023

胜过自己、才得拯救Deliverance Through Overcoming Yourself
士师记 Judges 16》20 Jan 2023

行神眼中看为正的Do What is Right in The Eyes of God
士师记 Judges 17》24 Jan 2023

心中有神,不被蒙蔽God in Heart, Undeceived
士师记 Judges 18》25 Jan 2023

服事神、得满Serve God and Be Satisfied
士师记 Judges 1926 Jan 2023

冤冤相报到何时,饶恕相爱得释放When Will Revenge End? Forgiveness and Love Will Set One Free
士师记 Judges 20》27 Jan 2023

认识耶和华远比宗教更重要Knowing is More Important than Religion
士师记 Judges 21》31 Jan 2023

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