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重新整顿,得地为业Reorganise and Take Possession of the Land
《申命记 Deu 01》04 Oct 2022

跟随神就要相信神的计划|To Follow God is To Believe in God's Plan
《申命记 Deu 02》05 Oct 2022

为我们争战的是耶和华我们的神|It is Yehovah Our God Who Fights for Us
《申命记 Deu 03》06 Oct 2022

专心仰赖耶和华必得福|Trust in The Lord with all Your Heart and You Will Be Blessed
《申命记 Deu 04》07 Oct 2022

存心敬畏神、谨守神诫命A Heart to Fear God and Keep His Commandments
《申命记 Deu 05》11 Oct 2022

守神诫命、蒙神祝福Keep God's Commandments and Be Blessed by God
《申命记 Deu 06》12 Oct 2022

神的子民必蒙福God's People Will Be Blessed
《申命记 Deu 07》13 Oct 2022

思念神,终久享福|Remember God and It Will Be Good in The End
《申命记 Deu 08》14 Oct 2022

除去悖逆,与神同行|Remove Disobedience and Walk With God
《申命记 Deu 09》18 Oct 2022

为了爱神愿意多做一次Willing To Do It One More Time for Loving God
《申命记 Deu 10》19 Oct 2022

选择爱神,得着祝福Choose to Love God and Be Blessed
《申命记 Deu 11》20 Oct 2022

讨神喜悦的敬拜Worship That Pleases God
《申命记 Deu 12》21 Oct 2022

胜过引诱的信心Faith That Overcomes Temptation
《申命记 Deu 13》25 Oct 2022

分别为圣带来的祝福(上)Setting Apart (Consecration) Blessing (A)
《申命记 Deu 14》26 Oct 2022

分别为圣带来的祝福(下)Setting Apart (Consecration) Blessing (B)
《申命记 Deu 15》27 Oct 2022

神在乎我们纪念祂|God Cares About Us Remembering Him
《申命记 Deu 16》28 Oct 2022

忠心向神,听从主道|Be Faithful to God and Obey The Lord's Word
《申命记 Deu 17》01 Nov 2022

在神面前作完全人|Be Blameless Before God
《申命记 Deu 18》02 Nov 2022

有恩典、有怜悯、有真理|Grace, Mercy & Truth
《申命记 Deu 19》03 Nov 2022

和睦相处、合神心意|Live in Peace and After God's Heart
《申命记 Deu 20》04 Nov 2022

在这地行神眼中看为正的事Do What is Right in The Sight of God in This Land
《申命记 Deu 21》08 Nov 2022

不行耶和华神所憎恶的事Not to Do What is Abomination to Yehovah God
《申命记 Deu 22》09 Nov 2022

爱我们的神耶和华|Love Our God Yehovah
《申命记 Deu 23》10 Nov 2022

不可欺压穷人孤儿寡妇Do Not Oppress the Poor, the Fatherless, the Widow
《申命记 Deu 24》11 Nov 2022

以敬畏神的心而活Live with The Heart of Fearing God
《申命记 Deu 25》15 Nov 2022

尊荣神献上当纳的给神Honour God and Offer to God What is Due
《申命记 Deu 26》16 Nov 2022

与神立约、遵守诫命Make Covenant with God and Keep The Commandments
《申命记 Deu 27》17 Nov 2022

一生的选择在自己的手中The Choice of Life is in Our Own Hands
《申命记 Deu 28》18 Nov 2022

持守与神的约,凡事得享亨通Keep the Covenant with God and Prosper in All Things
《申命记 Deu 29》22 Nov 2022

渴慕领受摆在前头的祝福Desire to Receive The Blessings that Lie Ahead
《申命记 Deu 30》23 Nov 2022

跟随神的人要有信心和勇气Those Who Follow God are to Have Faith and Courage
《申命记 Deu 31》24 Nov 2022

纪念过去,谨记诫命Remember the Past, Take to Heart The Commandments
《申命记 Deu 32》25 Nov 2022

在神爱中领受诫命Receiving Commandments in God's Love
《申命记 Deu 33》29 Nov 2022

跟随神是我们一生的祝福Following God is Our Lifetime Blessing
《申命记 Deu 34》30 Nov 2022

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