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甘心听从、必得拯救| Willing & Obedience shall be Redeemed
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 01》
05 Apr 2022

到那日,唯独雅威是被尊崇的Yahweh Alone will be Exalted in That Day
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 02》06 Apr 2022

神要除掉人所倚靠的|God Takes Away from Man Support
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 03》
07 Apr 2022

活在神的遮盖下得荣耀|Be Glorified Living Under God's Shelter
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 04》08 Apr 2022

结好果子,满足神心|Bearing Good Fruit,Satisfying God's Heart
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 05》12 Apr 2022

为神被差遣,成为福音使者|Sent by God to be An Evangelist
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 06》13 Apr 2022

神设法要与人同在|God Seeks to be with Man 
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 07》14 Apr 2022

有神的人,必不动摇|He Who has God Shall not be Shaken
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 08》19 Apr 2022

神预备光等候黑暗之人悔改|God Prepares Light and Waits for People in Dark to Repent
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 09》20 Apr 2022

神必成就所定规的结局|God will Make A Full End as Decreed
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 10》21 Apr 2022

弥赛亚是万国的盼望|Messiah is the Hope of All Nations
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 11》22 Apr 2022

齐来称谢神的救恩|Come and Give Thanks to God for His Salvation
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 12》26 Apr 2022

只有神永在和掌权|Only God is Eternal and Reigns
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 13》27 Apr 2022

神定意爱祂的百姓|God Determines to Love His People
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 14》28 Apr 2022

与哀哭的人同哭|Weeping with Those Who Mourn
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 15》29 Apr 2022

奔向爱我的神|Running towards the God who loves me
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 16》03 May 2022

不要忘记有神的日子|Forget Not the Day to have God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 17》04 May 2022

等候神的时机|Waiting for God's Timing
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 18》05 May 2022

神的智慧过高一切的智慧|God's Wisdom Above All Wisdom
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 19》06 May 2022

仰望神的人必不羞愧|He Who Hopes In God Shall Not Be Ashamed
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 20》10 May 2022

守望者的看见与付出|The Watchman's Seeing & Paying
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 21》11 May 2022

活在恩典荣耀归神|Live in Grace, All Glory to God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 22》12 May 2022

审判中的恩典与眷顾|The Grace and Visit in Judgment
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 23》13 May 2022

欢呼吧!义人必因神而喜乐!|The Grace and Visit in Judgment
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 24》17 May 2022

耶和华啊,祢是我的神|O Yehovah, You are My God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 25》18 May 2022

耶和华啊,祢是我们永远的倚靠O Yehovah, You Are My Everlasting Trust
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 26》19 May 2022

到那日全地都要来敬拜耶和华In That Day, The Whole Earth Shall Come To Worship Yehovah
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 27》20 May 2022

听神话语生命稳妥|Listen to God's Word, Life is in Safety
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 28》24 May 2022

神使人眼瞎、也使人复明|God Blinds and Restores Sight
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 29》25 May 2022

平安在乎神的同在|The Peace is by the Presence of God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 30》26 May 2022

回转向神、得蒙保护|Turn Back to God and Be Protected
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 31》27 May 2022

神以公义掌权,全地平安复兴|God Reigns in Righteousness, All the Earth
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 32》31 May 2022

耶和华是我们公义的王|The Lord is Our Righteous King
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 33》01 Jun 2022

神报仇的日子|The Day of God's Vengeance
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 34》02 Jun 2022

神救赎的日子|The Day of God's Salvation
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 35》03 Jun 2022

静默不言也是一种等候|Turn Back to God and Be Protect
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 36》07 Jun 2022

得胜在乎耶和华|The Victory Belongs To Yehovah
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 37》08 Jun 2022

活着是为要称领袖|Live to Praise God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 38》09 Jun 2022

用心聆听神的话|Hear the Word of God Mindfully
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 39》10 Jun 2022

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