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看哪!等候神的人必从新得力|Behold ! They Who Wait for God Shall Renew Their Strength
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 40》19
 Jul 2022

好叫我们知道耶和华是神|So that We May Know Yehovah is God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 41》20 Jul 2022

为何不懂神的心|Why Understand Not the Heart of God?
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 42》21
 Jul 2022

神为救赎祂的子民做了一件新事God Did a New Thing to Redeem His People
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 43》22 Jul 2022

属神的人、不必惧怕|Fear Not, Those Who Belong to God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 05》26 Jul 2022

唯独在乎耶和华的拯救|Salvation is Only in Yehovah
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 45》27 Jul 2022

神全面性的保护|God Comprehensive Protection 
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 46》28 Jul 2022

不要效法巴比伦的筹划|Imitate Not the Counsel of Babylon
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 47》29 Jul 2022

听神话语,生命蒙福|Harken to God's Word and Life is Blessed
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 48》02 Aug 2022

靠着神除去一切的疑惑|Remove All Doubts Through God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 49》03 Aug 2022

听从敬畏、得神帮助|Obey and Fear God, Receive His Help
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 50》04 Aug 2022

唯有神的保守是永远长存|Only God's Protection Lasts Forever
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 51》05 Aug 2022

在神救恩中生命得恢复|Life is Restored in God's Salvation
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 52》09 Aug 2022

献上自己,叫人得救|Offer Up Self to Save Man
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 53》10 Aug 2022

神的慈爱必不离开祂的儿女|God's Steadfast Love Shall Not Depart from His Children
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 54》11 Aug 2022

神给人机会、人要归向神|God Gives Man Opportunity, Man Is To Return Unto God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 55》12 Aug 2022

守公平,行公义,神喜悦|God is Pleased with Keeping Justice and Doing Righteousness
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 56》16 Aug 2022

寻神者必得平安|Those Who Seek God Will Find Peace
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 57》17 Aug 2022

真正以耶和华为乐的日子|A Day of Truly Take Delight in Yehovah
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 58》18 Aug 2022

神要伸出祂救恩的膀臂来救人|God Will Stretch Out His Arm of Salvation to Save Man
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 59》19 Aug 2022

神光照耀,转悲为喜|God's Light Shines, Turning Sadness Into Joy
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 60》30 Aug 2022

因神360度转身的生命树|The 360º Turnaround Tree of Life Because of God
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 61》31 Aug 2022

神对我们不离不弃的爱|God's Unfailing Love for Us
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 62》01 Sep 2022

神为祂的儿女转身|God Turns for the Sake of His Children
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 63》02 Sep 2022

选择跟从神,领受神恩典Choose to Follow God and Receive God's Grace
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 65》07 Sep 2022

在新天新地成为神眷顾的人|Become God's Visited One in the New Heavens and New Earth
《以赛亚书 Isaiah 66》08 Sep 2022

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