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Pastor's Word


All By God's Grace

Rev. Joel Chang & Jane CMO








My wife and I were called in the year 2006 to serve God fulltime. In the past, I was a loner, avoided communication, would not receive any help from others, thus resulted in my serving God mainly in the flesh.


In the last 16 years of my church ministry, I am truly thankful to Rev. Esther and Rev. Amos for their love and trust. They believed in us to send us as a family to Ipoh to establish GB611 Bread Of Life Church. I remembered the word which Rev. Esther had spoken to me:

"Serve God and fear not troubles", I reasoned that as long as I do everything well, I will have no trouble, but what I discovered was I was one who feared troubles. As I learned to relinquish my "doing", I realized that whatever was more troublesome, the more I would need to trust God, without God, even the simple things would not turn out well.


I am thankful to God that my spiritual parents, Rev.

Esther and Rev. Amos took pains to love and encourage me, to accept and put up with my shortcomings, whilst teaching me the positive way of communication. And today they even promote me to be a Reverend.


To be ordained as a Reverend is God's election and grace on me, being also His gift for extending my sphere of influence for His purpose. I believe God desires to extend the territory of GB, that we may open up new areas, to possess success in new levels. It is certainly my prayers that GB may emulate GA611, our mother church, to possess a land as our inheritance in Ipoh.


I would like to take opportunity here to say thank you to Rev. Esther and Rev. Amos for their patient nurturing and empowering, also the collaboration of my beloved wife and children, not least are also the support and kindness of all our GB co workers as well as the congregation, as together, they have made It possible, for my being ordained as a Reverend. Let all glory, honour and praises be accorded to our God!


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